Alumni Course Audit Program

Marymount Alumni Course Audit Policy and Procedure

Please follow the steps below to audit a course.

Note: Alumni wishing to audit a course cannot be registered for the course prior to one week before classes begin for the requested semester.

  1. Read the Audit Policy below.
  2. Search for the course(s) you would like to audit by using the online Schedule of Courses. Be sure to choose the correct semester!
  3. Click here to fill out the Audit Request Form.
  4. After your audit request is received, the Office of Alumni Relations will facilitate obtaining permission from the associate dean. You will be notified when permission is given.
  5. Once permission is given, the Office of Alumni Relations will have you registered for the course via the Registrar’s Office, using your Audit Registration Form and the written permission from the associate dean. Online audit registration is not available.
  6. Begin your course! Book lists for courses can be obtained at the on-campus bookstore or through the bookstore website.

Alumni Audit Policy

  1. An alumnus/a of any Marymount degree program in good standing may audit a Marymount course. Alumnus/a status is determined by University policy.
  2. For Marymount alumni currently registered as Marymount students, student status will take precedence, and the individual will not be eligible to audit under this policy.
  3. The purpose of the alumni course audit program is personal and professional enrichment. Alumni enrolling as auditors may not change to credit-seeking status, and audit courses will not count toward a future degree program.
  4. Alumni will be eligible to register to audit a course beginning one week prior to the start of classes, where space permits, and not after the late registration deadline (usually one week after classes begin). Fully enrolled students have priority to register for classes up until this time. Some classes may reach capacity prior to the Alumni Course Audit Registration period. If classes are full, alumni will be advised to select another course and/or semester.
  5. A fee of $330 per course per semester (subject to change), plus any applicable Technology Fees, will be charged and billed by the Student Accounts Office. Please contact the Student Accounts Office at 703-284-1490 to complete payment.
  6. Audited courses will be noted on your academic transcript upon completing and paying for the course.
  7. A maximum of two courses per semester may be audited by an alumnus/a.
  8. Courses with laboratory, studio, or clinical requirements, courses based on the interactive acquisition of skills and other courses with special admissions criteria will not be open to auditors. This is at the discretion of the associate dean. Examples: clinical nursing, education practical, physical therapy, etc.
  9. Though alumni may use the computer labs to assist them in their course work, paying, degree-seeking students will have first priority in the computer labs if space is limited.
  10. Alumni attending on-campus classes must check-in at the Main Guardhouse to receive a visitors pass and a parking pass if applicable.

Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 703-284-1541 or via email.

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